Wednesday, July 09, 2008

An Old Chestnut

The Iraq war, as we all know, was a war founded on lies and deceit. Five years on, the deceit continues. A favourite neo-con porkie is that Saddam was somehow to blame for the conflict because he pretended to have WMD. Like all the other neo-con claims, it's a total fabrication: Saddam at no point in the lead-up to war claimed to have WMD, and it is because the US and Britain knew he was telling the truth that they felt confident enough to launch a full scale invasion.

While it's par for the course to hear/read a neocon make such a preposterous claim, its depressing to see an experienced journalist who is not a neocon regurgitate the old 'it was all Saddam's fault because he pretended to have WMD' chestnut.

"Saddam thought he could stay in power by pretending he might have some kind of exotic weaponry which would confound his enemies at the last minute.... his mistake was to continue to pretend to have what he didn't"
opines Robert Fox in The Guardian.

It seems that Fox believes that Britain and the US went to war because they thought Iraq possessed WMD.

Like they did with North Korea, Robert?

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