Friday, June 15, 2007

Thought for the Day

"Look at the various parts of the national infrastructure that have been privatised, and practically all of them have gone downhill: buses, trains, water, power. It's a good argument against capitalism."

The words not of a left-wing ideologue but the designer and businessman Sir Terence Conran. You can read the rest of Sir Terence's article on the horrors of Heathrow airport's new 'temple to retailing' Terminal 5 here. It's an unmissable piece, believe me.

'namechanger' left this great comment on the Guardian's website:

Airports lounges sum up Britain, in that all the shops are corporate chains flogging expensive coffee and cheap jeans made by children in Asian sweatshops for globalists. Surveillance starts the minute the flyers step off the plane, with Britain's many cameras (more than the rest of europe put together) filming their every move. Profitable areas are kept clean by minimum wage economic migrants, while areas out of the public eye fester.

It's a sorry state of affairs we've come to in ten years, but Blair knows who to blame: the media for reporting it. Currently he's also targetting internet free speech, which he rightly sees as a threat to his kind of governance.

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