Thursday, June 21, 2007

Ian Williams: The Selective Democrat

"If Israelis want peace, they have to talk to the people the Palestinians want, not those anointed and armed by Israel and the US.
The purpose of the Palestinian elections was to elect a government the Palestinians wanted, not one that Israel liked. Hamas won, fair and square..."

writes Ian Williams in the Guardian's comment is free blog.

I wonder if this could be the same Ian Williams who supports the exclusion from government of the most popular political party in Serbia, the Serb Radicals- on the grounds that they are 'extremists'?

UPDATE: Ian Williams writes in to say that he does not support the exclusion of the Serb Radicals from the government of Serbia. We can therefore, I presume, look forward to his next article when he uses the pressure exerted on Serbia to 'vote the right way' as an example of the west's hypocritical interpretation of the word 'democracy'.......
(And if you're reading this Ian, I'll allow your comments to be published on my blog, when you do the same with mine)

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