Thursday, June 28, 2007

A Cabinet of all the talents

Gordon Brown has announced his new cabinet 'of all the talents':

Foreign Secretary: Tony Benn
Chancellor of the Exchequer: Professor James K. Galbraith
Education Minister: Peter Wilby
Minister of State, Foreign Office: Dr John Laughland
Home Secretary: Peter Hitchens
Defence Secretary: John McDonnell MP
Trade and Industry: Bob Wareing MP
Health: Alice Mahon
Transport: Bob Crow
Energy: Ian Johnson
International Development: Felicity Arbuthnot
Attorney General: Mark Littman QC
Smoker's rights: Ken Clarke MP

If only............


Anonymous said...

Love the idea of The Beast as Minister for Smoker's Rights!

Anonymous said...

That Cabinet would never do Neil. There's no neo-con, neo-liberal pro-U.S. fifth columnist puppets in it.

Anonymous said...

Wot, no place for Margaret Beckett? You're as bad as Gordon Brown