Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Wrong Apology

I'd like apologise for England's disastrous performance in the first Test in Brisbane.
I'd also like to apologise for the rather wet and unpleasant weather we've been having in Britain recently.
And finally, I'd like to apologise for the defeat of Gladstone's second ministry in 1885.

Well, actually I wouldn't. For the simple reason, that however regrettable all three events might be, I had nothing whatsover to do with them. Ditto Tony Blair and the slave trade. Now, if Mr Blair is actually the Teddy Sheringham of politics ( in other words over 200 years old)- and made a fortune in slave trading in his earlier years, it would be highly creditable that he has finally shown remorse. But he isn't. Blair was born in the 1950s- over a century after Britain stopped dealing in slaves.

Instead of apologising for 'crimes against humanity' for which he and the British government are not responsible, Blair should be saying sorry for the 'crimes against humanity' which he and his government have committed. There are at least 655,000 of those in Iraq for a start.

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