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Friday, November 24, 2006

The Great WMD lie

Today's The Australian has a highly revealing interview with SAS man Pete Tinley, who played a key role in operations in Iraq.

"I couldn't find any direct actionable intelligence linking any of the areas we were looking at in the west with WMD. We were looking from just west of Baghdad all the way through to the Jordanian border and between the Syrian and Saudi borders. When I pressed them (US intelligence) for more specific imagery or information regarding locations or likely locations of WMD, they confessed, off the record, that there had not been any tangible siting of any WMD or WMD-enabling equipment for some years. It was all shadows and inferenced conversations between Iraqis. "

Read the full interview here:,20867,20815881-601,00.html


TheRedLeopard said...

Blair, Bush and Howard Lied,
655,000 innocent people died.

Cossack said...

Sigh! It was known from before the start of the invasion/occupation of Iraq that Iraq possessed NO WMDs (BTW, only nuclear weapons are true WMDs; chemical and biologicl weapons are unconventional weapons, not WMDs).