Friday, November 17, 2006

Ferenc Puskas- simply the best

Sad news from Budapest. Ferenc Puskas, arguably the greatest footballer of all time, has died. Here's my tribute from today's First Post.
Three great football judges, the late Billy Wright, Sir Bobby Robson, and My Dad reckon that Puskas was the greatest of them all. Having watched plenty of video action of the great man, including the 1960 European Cup final when he scored four goals against Eintracht Frankfurt, I must say I find it hard to disagree.
What do you reckon? Was Puskas the greatest? Or was it Cruyff, or Pele? Or perhaps someone else?


grapesofplenty said...

Carlton Palmer. (joke)

Anonymous said...

Puskas is one of the top 6 players of all time for me. I think Alfredo di Stefano was the best all-round player ever, but Puskas is up there with Best, Beckenbauer, Maradona and Pele.

BTW are any of the following matches available as a whole on video/DVD?

England 3, Hungary 6 1953;
Hungary 4, Uruguay 2 1954 (WC semi, many who saw it rate as one of the best games of all time)&
Real Madrid 7, Eintracht Frankfurt 3 1960.

I have a feeling that if the BBC showed such games (and similar) it might put all that Sky-backed hype that good football only really started with the Premiership in 92/3 or at the earliest the 1990 World Cup (which was possibly the worst ever, but England reached the semis, so it must have been good innit?) in some sort of perspective.

TheRedLeopard said...

Denis Law was the most underrated player of all time. I'd put him up there with Puskas, di Stefano and the other great players that anglonoel mentions.