Thursday, November 23, 2006

The mysterious Mr George Courtenay

Yesterday, I revealed that a certain "George Courtenay" had sent an email to the editor of The Australian, a newspaper which I write for, drawing the editor's attention to untrue and libellous claims made about me by the pro-war, neo-conservative writer Oliver Kamm. It was, as I think most fair-minded people would agree, a clear attempt to discredit me in the eyes of the paper and to prevent them from commissioning me again. The email was cc-ed to Oliver Kamm.

But who is George Courtenay? It is not a name I have ever come across before in the neo-conservative, pro-war blogosphere.

Further investigation however, reveals that Mr Courtenay has been involved in disputes involving Oliver Kamm at least twice before.
In fact, the only time Mr Courtenay seems willing to enter in to any debate, is when Oliver Kamm is involved: I can find no trace of him commenting on any other issue.

In the links above, Mr Courtenay does not provide a way in which readers can contact him. No email address, or webblog address. Is Mr Courtenay a real person? Or is the name a pseudonym for someone else? Only the person who sent the email into The Australian newspaper knows the answer to this question.

UPDATE. Ministry of Truth have very kindly offered to let me have information which will, hopefully, lead to the unmasking of "Mr Courtenay". Watch this space.


grapesofplenty said...

Who's George Courtenay? I've got an idea as to who he might be.

Go to the website below and you will see a quotation at the top of the page.

The quotation is from GEORGE Orwell, the writer claimed as one of their own by the 'muscular left', who happens to be buried at Sutton COURTENAY.

I suspect 'George Courtenay' is a non de plume thought up by Harry's Place blogger David Tate, a friend, collaborator and ideological soulmate of Oliver Kamm's.

Anonymous said...

No I have not posed as George Courtnay, nor have I emailed newspapers about Mr Clark.

Unity said...


I've responded to you here...


I really do not think that Courtenay is David T or any of the other regulars at HP.