Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A True Aussie Hero (unlike Germaine Greer)

While it is true that few will mourn the passing of Sir Alfred Sherman (see below), the same cannot be said for Steve Irwin. The tragic death of the man dubbed 'The Crocodile Hunter' has saddened millions of people around the world- the author of this blog included. I, like many others loved Steve's programmes and the tremendous enthusiasm he had for the animal kingdom.
Predictably, however, there have been a few bitter souls who have spoken of Australia's 'Diana moment' and who have sought to denigrate Irwin's legacy. In The Guardian today there is a shocking article by Germaine Greer who, as part of her case against Irwin, drags up the fact that the late conservationist once said that John Howard was 'the greatest leader the world has ever seen'. What on earth has Irwin's views on John Howard got to do with it? The man was a star, regardless of whoever he voted for- as this piece from today's The Australian makes clear.

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Robert Micallef said...

hi Neil, Your post was published 3 times. Just to let you know
Read your article about Malta a few weeks ago



Nguyen Van Minh said...

Yes, I'm an Aussie, and Germaine Greer is a national embarrassment. What a bitter old hag! Steve Irwin had his faults, of course, but I think he was a decent chap who embodied the better qualities of our country. We are much the worse for his passing.

Neil Clark said...

I couldn't agree more Steve. Pleased to see you're also a cigar man! Any tips on how we can prevent this fascistic smoking ban coming into force in the UK next year?