Friday, September 29, 2006

The Most Patronising Westerner of the Day Award

As condescension towards Eastern Europeans rises to record levels, this blog has decided to award a daily booby prize for the Most Patronising Comment of the Day Towards Eastern Europeans.
Yesterday's winner was Roger Boyes for his outrageously silly "they're all barking mad" offering from the New Statesman. Today's award goes to Daily Telegraph reader J.F. Basford.

Sir – Bulgaria and Romania are to join the European Union. All the chattering classes say their inhabitants will not flock to this country. This is, once again, absolute rubbish.I spent some time in Romania during the war, and had contact with the gipsies, and I can state quite positively that a chance to get into this country will be their first priority.
J. F. Basford, Lowestoft, Suffolk

Nothing like good, up-date-knowledge of a country and its people eh J.F.?


Anonymous said...

Oh dear... Might have to buy a copy of the Telegraph just to have this in black and white...

TheRedLeopard said...

If you widened the award to include patronising former republics of the Soviet Union, then Sacha Baron Cohen would win hands down. His latest 'comic' observation: all Kazakhs are Jew-hating imbeciles.

grapesofplenty said...

Eastern Europeans are patronised because they are:
1. better educated;
2. better dressed and
3. better looking.
It's all boils down to jealousy really.

Miguel said...
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