Friday, September 22, 2006

Three Questions........

Could anyone let me know:
1. How threatening to bomb another country 'back to the Stone Age' can be justified on grounds of fighting terrorism?
2. Why demonstrators who destroyed property during anti-government protests in Hungary are a 'mob' and 'rioters' , while those who did likewise in Yugoslavia in 2000 were 'the people'
3. What is Peter Lorre doing as captain of the European Ryder Cup team?

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TheRedLeopard said...

1. They might be working on the principle that if they bombed every country back to the Stone Age, there'd be no-one left to be terrorists (except themselves of course)
2. 'cos the protestors in Hungary are not supported by the IMF/ EU/ or US State Deparment.
3. 'cos he got bored at Rick's Bar?