Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Only Lunatics can defend this war

It has killed hundreds of thousands of people, destroyed the infrastructure of an entire country and cost taxpayers billions of dollars. And now, in the words of a US intelligence report which Bush wanted to bury:

"The Iraq conflict has become the 'cause celebre' for jihadists, breeding a deep resentment of US involvement in the Muslim world. If this trend continues, threats to US interests at home and abroad will become more diverse, leading to increasing attacks worldwide."

Save from a few, deranged, inhabitants of Planet Neo-Con, is there anyone out there still willing to justify this wretched war?

UPDATE: I've scanned several pro-war blogs today and the US intelligence report doesn't get a mention. How interesting......

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Hawkeyi's Blog said...

(I pasted my comments of this story from my blog, hope thats okay....

Iraq War Fuels Terror, My first reaction...

NEWS ITEM: BBC Iraq war fuels terror - US report

Excuse me if I find this funny Mr. George Bush. My first reaction to this classified leak story was here they go again, as I dropped to the floor rolling in laughter and sad tears, The Bush administration lets a leak out and now Bush says I'll need to tell Americans the rest of this sad scenario. "This illegal Iraq war we are fighting my fellow Americans is creating a celebre' for jihadists" (What the hell did he say... a cel what? Excuse my ignorance I thought he was talking about some kind of new Mexican Salsa at first. Wait a minute...Do I see a mountains of draft cards coming in the mail? Grab your poor black and hispanic son's n daughters, and come to Canada, Becoming a Canadian is not so bad, much better been sent to the front lines fighting Iranians Koreans and Venezuelans. The rich American mostly white Elite won't have to worry as they'll be your back-up in there nice shiny tanks and office jobs back home.

My first reaction to the 'cause celebre' for jihadists is Bush is on a holy mission to inspire Americans to support his false war on terrorism (yawn). Understandable how this comes at a time when his support is spinning out of control and his Republicans are loosing ground against those dam lefty democrats . Excuse me for a minute, I need to clear my throat "Liar liar pants on fire Mr Bush", and "LIAR LIAR Capitalistic Conservative media" Ahem , cough , there thats better now... Look Mr Bush, What has happened on American soil since 911, nothing right, thanks to the great Americans who are protecting the country. Your going to loose this war on terrorism once more folks realize your creating it. I think its too late to create a WAG THE DOG type terror attack on America to get your ratings back up. Yeah I think 9/11 is beginning to look like an inside job, (what you have not read my entire blog? just like the growing number of Americans and most of the world we all are starting to see through your agenda and corrupt lies. Hows that saying of yours go , you can fool some of the people um er some people some er um, never mind. You can still really save face George and your Republican party from going down in November, You can start by stopping this insane war in the Middle East and begin to seek real diplomacy with your Enemies. Start by admitting you were wrong to kill innocent people and pay to have there homes and infrastructure re-built with money from your rich pals who profited from this Illegal war. Then get on to the real threats to Americans and humanity such as the threats of global warming, Aids, Hunger and homelessness. Boy I'd support you if you did this. Good luck Mr. President and God save us from the Imperialists