Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Jo Cox tragedy: Why opposing fascism does not mean supporting the EU

My latest column for RT OpEdge.

Despite the calls of her friend Rachel Reeves, a prominent Labour “Remain” campaigner, for the brutal and shocking murder of 41-year- old Labour MP Jo Cox not to be linked to the Referendum campaign, some EU supporters have done exactly that.
Not only has the tragic death of Cox been used to bolster flagging support for “Remain,” it’s also been used by Establishment-friendly commentators to attack the whole idea of having a referendum in the first place.
The Independent reports a “surge in signatures” on a petition calling for the vote to be cancelled.
But it would be wrong, wholly wrong, to change the way we intend to vote on Thursday because of the murder of Jo Cox and it would also be wrong if the referendum were to be cancelled.
Here‘s why....

You can read the whole article here.

A shorter, revised version of the article also appears in today's Morning Star. It can be read here.


Unknown said...

Great commentary once again and a great result in this week's referendum.. I really felt that we've finally took control from politicians whom took the result for granted but there's still work to be done and I fear for Jeremy Corbyn as the night of the long knives began in earnest and Cameron's resignation was really a smart move as it firmly switched the spotlight on Jeremy to do the same and obliterating any of the decent common sense policies that he proposed..I'm genuinely disgusted with the labour shadow cabinet snakes coiled ready with my own MP at the forefront whining about how rough the ride is now going to be instead of making sure the will of the people is maintained.. Who needs enemies with friends like these?? Corbyn should of stuck to his principles but he relented slightly to the nest of vipers whom will given chance hang draw and quarter him at the first chance they get..and they are the problem and as you very eloquently put its now that socialism has become liberalism at best! But we the people shown what's possible and the disaffected masses weren't fooled despite scaremongering and the frankly disgusting hijacking of Jo Cox's murder..conspiracy or not the facts remain it was used to further the remain cause..I'd just like to finish by congratulating you for your tireless reporting and furnishing the more discerning of us with real facts and honest commentary.. Oh and I loved Putin's remarks over our victory as well..statesmanlike as usual

Unknown said...

P.S. Great piece by the great Pilger..the opening line..."an act of raw democracy" that's a visceral and powerful line isn't it?

Neil Clark said...

Hi del,
Thanks so much for that.
Yes- agree totally with what you say. The people are speaking loud and clear- but the neocon/pseudo-left establishment elites don't like it at all! We should be seen and not heard! That Pilger piece was terrific wasn't it?!