Sunday, June 19, 2016

One Week to Brexit? The EU Referendum Enters the Final Furlong

My latest on the EU Referendum - written before the brutal murder of MP Jo Cox.

If we see the EU referendum campaign as a two and a half miles horse-race - and why shouldn't we in the week of the Royal Ascot racing festival - then we're now entering the final furlong.
While "Remain" has looked the likeliest winner for much of the contest, latest polls show that "Leave" has now burst clear. Is this a decisive move, or will there be one late rally for Remain?
Interestingly, while three recent opinion polls have all given Leave the lead — by margins of seven, six and one-point — the bookies still have Remain as the odds-on favorites, even though the odds on a Brexit have been shortened to 6-4 with some firms.

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Unknown said...

This is a reply to your RT piece.
I do agree with most of your opinions and look forward to what you have to say, but on this question have to disagree with your arguments.

The far right is not just in Europe but here, where we take it for granted that only the continentals could be like that. It shoud be plain that we don't need an actual party to embrace what Sheldon Wolin called inverted totalitarianism. That is here and now, in the UK as well as Europe. Both are run by a Plutocracy in bed with the liberal left and all of the right.

We too are pursuing deflationary policies where all debt is exponentially toxically increasing, while baying from the Tower that the UK is an economic success, which some people find convenient to agree with. Financial services are a cesspit of crime while our so called manufacturing is nothing more the the pension funds of other countries (Germany and France spring to mind).

A main point to remember is that all governments up until now have embedded this into their mission statements written in invisible ink and Cameron's party now seriosly split from the hard right, and thus if we leave there will be a leadership by Johnson and Gove etc. Such a scenaro will bring tears of joy to TTIP and Le Pen, and Farage will get the Nobel prize for peace. The innihilation of the working class will be completed by more austerity, much more privatisation, far less democracy than we already have, higher house prices with less for sale except for hedge fund managers, revisionist history lessons in schools and more in debt students; in other words it will be a lot worse by us coming out.

Traditional parties of the left don't exist anymore they are neoliberal in bed with the plutocracy or deconstructed left wingers who just do not get the context any more. The decency of working people has been hoodwinked by the hard right and this has been going on for decades. The British left are confused by the big picture and deny the fact that a body to stay healthy- must have all its cell working together otherwise cells die and multiply in a frenzy. The collective breeds health, and without it, that is the real reason for the demise of the UK. The immigration card is just a chant that has been heard since time immemorial and only those who instigate this hate actually believe in it.
This is why if real justice for the people is to manifest, we must as a nation be prepared to kick ass in Europe, and demand change for a more direct democracy getting rid of systems that have no value except for the 0.001%

The murder of Joe Cox by a Fascist Englishman must never be forgotten and to underestimate the consequences, whether you like it or not, will spur other good people to resist the perniciousness of a very real threat, made in England, while the hard right pretend not to be watching