Thursday, June 02, 2016

Flushed Away- the demise of Public Toilets in Britain

Public toilets, libraries, pubs, Post Offices and local bank branches are all disappearing in Britain. My new piece for the Daily Express.

Flushed away: The demise of the public toilets in Britain

PUBLIC toilets are disappearing across Britain. Over the past decade a staggering 1,782 toilets have closed, according to the latest research....

You can read the whole article here.


Unknown said...

A very interesting piece indeed! Here in darlington we no longer have public toilets either or certainly not the same as the centrally located conveniences we were once afforded resplendent with large wooden seats and heavy wooden doors and that art deco style tiling along with the essential attendant who kept the place gleaming! I think it's an absolute disgrace funds aren't made available for this most essential service yet up here we have ten or so officials on a £100k or more!! Same goes for our central library and our historic covered my mind it reinforces my view we should vote no regarding the EU... Making cuts of 40+ billion yet delivering more to the fat cats of Europe!!! Taking the #### whilst we can no longer take a #### springs to mind!! Also your radio interview was excellent it speaks for many of us who can't quite put across our views,I particularly liked the the view of Hilarity Clinton being reactive instead of proactive that spoke volumes and probably described the vast majority of our so called leaders..keep up the great work

Neil Clark said...

Many thanks Del- much appreciated. We could afford good public toilets and lots of them- libraries, park wardens, council run facilities (including self-service restaurants) in the 60s, 70s but not now it seems!
Thanks for comments re radio interview.