Friday, May 20, 2016

We'd Be Doomed! Project Fear Campaign to Keep UK in EU Goes Into Overdrive



My latest piece on the EU Referendum for Sputnik News....

One the highlights of the television week in the UK is watching Saturday night repeats of the much-loved 1970s comedy show 'Dad's Army'. The classic sitcom - which even outperformed BBC2's much-hyped live Shakespeare "special" featuring Prince Charles - tells the story of a brave, but rather incompetent Home Guard platoon in World War Two.

All the characters are quite wonderful and very-very funny, but a particular favorite of mine is the gloomy undertaker Private Frazer — who's always forecasting doom and disaster. Recently, I've been wondering if Frazer has secretly been put in charge of the Remain campaign, because some of the claims are pure Dad's Army.

You can read the piece in full here.


Unknown said...

Difficult to digest whilst having visions of Private Fraser lifting my mood by trying to do the exact opposite!!! The most striking point in this whole business is the fact the government did indeed promise us an election but they are trying there best to undermine this democratic process even to point where many employers up here in the north east are also scaremongering us to vote "in" a blind man on a galloping horse can see Europe is indeed a failing "state" as such with high youth unemployment.. Failing currencies ect ect if that isn't enough to vote out then I really don't know what is nevermind the breathtaking cost of membership to be in the EU.. I watched last week on YouTube "Brexit the movie" and in my opinion it's essential viewing... I seem to remember a dad's army where there was an alleged collusion between Clive Dunn's butcher and Fraser supplying the ingredients for sausages!!! Wonder what the EU would have them label them??? Great article again Neil Clark

Neil Clark said...

Hi Del, many thanks!
I haven't watched Brexit the Movie yet but will do- thanks for the recommendation.
Yes- it's quite remarkable isn't it. With the amont of unemployment (and in particular youth unemployment) there is in the EU- we're told we have to stay in to save jobs! They're trying to scare us senseless into voting for the status quo. Let's hope enough people will be able to see through it all.