Monday, May 16, 2016

Architects of disastrous Iraq war are still at large

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Bombs going off in Iraq? Well, it happens all the time - what's there to see? Let’s all move along shall we?
On Thursday, at least 13 people were killed in a ISIS attack on a café in Baghdad for the 'crime' of watching a football match. The day before at least 88 people were killed in three explosions across Baghdad; scores were injured. 
Yes, these events got some coverage on Western news channels, but they weren’t the main stories.
The neocon war lobby, who, remember, couldn’t stop talking about Iraq in 2002/3, and telling what a terrible threat the country’s WMDs posed to us, would of course like us to forget the country all together now. They’ve told us lots of times we need to ‘move on’ from talking about the 2003 invasion and instead focus on more important things - like how we can topple a secular Syrian president who’s fighting the very same terrorists who are bombing Baghdad.

The next few months though are going to very tricky for the ‘Don’t Mention the Iraq war’ clique...

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