Monday, May 09, 2016

V-Day - Ignore the neocons and remember the 27m dead

My new piece for to commemorate Victory Day.

May 9 is Victory Day – the day that Russia commemorates the tremendous sacrifice made by the people of the Soviet Union in the Great Patriotic War.
Many nationalities took part in the fight against the Nazis, but no single country shed anywhere near as much blood as the Soviet Union. Overall, 27 million Soviet citizens lost their lives in the war. Yes, that’s right: TWENTY-SEVEN MILLION. There’s no typo.
Yet today, for geopolitical reasons, the enormous contribution that the Soviet Union made to the defeat of Hitler’s forces is being deliberately – and shamefully – downplayed by elites in the west...

You can read the whole piece here.


Unknown said...

It's been great catching up on these latest posts..fascinating reading! Your quite correct about how Russia is treated over WW2 and yes as far as Hollywood is concerned it was mostly the gung ho Americans that saved us from defeat to Germany and there's me thinking it was mother Russia that knocked on the bunker door in Berlin!! But Russia will show great dignity and composure just like president Putin did with his Q&A session.. I find him fascinating as he is refreshing.. He puts his points across so the ordinary "Joe public" understand and our own politicians would do well to look and learn about statesmanship... The David Cameron post was an exceptional biography which will serve as reference for my discussions and reinforced my admiration for the likes of Putin.. I have to say I felt really proud Dennis Skinner spoke for us all and is a true legend in my opposite to the condescending nature of the likes of Cameron Osborne and Hammond ect ect your post about Obama and his feelings on the EU vote was very illuminating and makes total sense!I'm not comfortable with the way we are being "bullied" into voting to remain and I personally think all concerned should remain impartial and let us decide like they promised.. After all they are supposed to represent us! I'm voting out but I have a feeling we'll remain "only just" when the count has concluded!! A bit like the Scottish referendum when they voted to remain yet the country overwhelmingly supports the SNP!!!! I'll part by congratulating you on great commentary once again and please keep it up

Neil Clark said...

Thanks Del- great to hear from you. V.good point about Russan dignity and composure being maintained throughout all this bullying/and rewriting of history.
I agree with you about the EU ref. too- could be a replay of Scotland but hope not.
Yes- Dennis Skinner was great. I've never had such a reaction to a tweet!
Thanks for your support, as always.

Anonymous said...

Recent survey in Japan (population between 18 and 26 yeas old) showed that 63% of them think that Russia dropped atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
Masterpiece of propaganda, what else to say... just brilliant.

It looks to me that they are getting ready for another one and working hard to get it.
Everything is in place. :(