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Thursday, October 15, 2015

On Syria, Russia, western double standards and the great John Pilger

You can listen to a new interview with me and Pippa Jones discussing Russia's intervention in Syria and other related topics on Talk Radio Europe here.


Unknown said...

Intelligent and interesting information and as you's all there!! Especially thought provoking is the point regarding why the destabilising of these countries and I agree it's destruction by design and I'm usually inclined to say "follow the money" regarding John Pilger I'll say this...your reporting I'm sure will please him greatly with its no nonsense truthful approach and it's exactly this type of journalism that's sparking conversation amongst us everyday working people who are starting to demand the real version of events

Neil Clark said...

Hi Del, many thanks! Yes- I think everyone is sick and tired of the deceitful 'elite' journalism which pushes illegal wars and interventions. People just want the truth, not neocon BS about countries having WMDs when they don't and scaremongering about the non-existent 'threat' from Russia.

Anonymous said...

you look like a traitor of British interests,and national interests.
How can you acuse our Tony Blair of war crimes?

How can you support Russia Today and its lies and 10 pence propaganda?

Man,you really got a problem.You want to join Kim Philby in Moscow? Go there! I wish you good luck>Or better try Grozneii,or Beslan,better then Donesk or Lugansk.

Israel UK and USA wants to support Porosenko,and you support Russia Today 10 pence lies and ridiculous propaganda?

How many pounds did russians invest in UK? I will tell you: Nothing. All russian comming here,are defectors of Vladimir Putin neonazi regim,and tirany.Like Khodorkovsky and others in West.

All the jews are in West,from Moscow,and billioners. What cash will got England,if you support Russia for nothing,and its lies,and you accuse Blair of ,,war crimes,,?

Do you even hear about Kirkuk, 8000 childrens gassed by Saddam Hussein?

Yes,Tony Blair and Bush eliberated Iraq!! In 2003 the population received the americans and brits with flowers in Iraq!!

Dennis W. Rowntree said...

Thank God we still have true journalists like you Neil Clark!

I am sick to death of Western mainstream media lies and double-standards! The lies are so blatant and pervasive I don't know whether to laugh or cry. It is frustrating and depressing to see how Western mainstream media is now completely bought in by Western corporate interests and political agendas that they are now in the lying game. Thanks to Reagan's administration in the 1980s that began the practice of "Perception Management",

A big thank you to Talk Radio Europe and Pippa Jones for giving you air time in spreading the truth. Thank you Neil Clark for what you do. Everything you have said in your interview is exactly how I perceived it. I have a great respect for journalists who tell the truth and speak out. Respect.

Dennis W. Rowntree said...
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