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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Georgia on their minds: West tries to make a Serbia out of Russia

My latest OpEdge piece for RT.Com.

Putin calls the West’s bluff on fighting ISIS in Syria. Western elite figures are most unhappy. The Empire badly needs to strike a blow at Russia – and right on cue, the issue of ‘war crimes’ in Georgia miraculously comes to the fore!
This Thursday it was announced that the International Criminal Court was planning to investigate possible crimes committed during the conflict between Georgia and Russia in 2008....

You can read the whole piece here.


Unknown said...

A coincidence indeed!! They have tried embargoes they have tried the business in the Ukraine and it can't be further coincidence that the low oil prices aren't designed to cripple Russia and it's economy can it?? Despite all the dirty tricks and financial body blows Putin still retains overwhelming support and at the same time out manoeuvres America and it's allies! As for Miss Albright didn't she once say Bin Laden was "on ice" and be wheeled out when necessary?? But I digress...seems everytime I watch Putin or lavrov on TV I feel I get a straight forward answer or opinion or even question...just like reading this and your other articles

Neil Clark said...

Thanks Del, much appreciated. The western elite's demonisation of Putin and Russia isn't working. He's really called west's bluff on fighting IS in Syria.