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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Oh, those evil Russians! Soviet-era 'plot' advances hawks' agenda

My latest OpEdge.

Not only are the Russians bombing nice, cuddly ‘moderate rebels’ in Syria - and by doing so strengthening the cause of ISIS - who had been all but defeated due to US air strikes over the past year - but they also planned to destroy London in the 1950s!
In an article subtitled ‘Shock Cold War Plot,’ Rupert Murdoch’s Sun newspaper - of ‘Putin’s Missile’ fame - tells us that "Russia planned to nuke London suburbs and wipe out the capital in the Cold War."
Now if you just read the headlines you’d think that those dastardly Russkies were going to deliberately target civilians sitting in their semi-detached homes in London suburbs, but in fact, the story - which has been widely reported in other outlets too - is not as it first appears......

You can read the whole article here.


Unknown said...

Seems Murdoch is struggling to score a point here, and there's me thinking he'd be preoccupied with Jerry Hall! There's no doubting William Penney's expertise in matters regarding the atomic bomb but that didn't give him licence to use supposition to create panic and ensure he indeed carried on in his chosen career at the taxpayers vast expense! I suggest that there is indeed a lot of comparison with Penney and Murdoch based on what I've commented!! Keep us in "fear" and we pay for it! Once again another excellent piece sir!

Anonymous said...

Just read your "unpeople" article on RT.
That was AMAZING! One of the best things I've read in 2015. What you are describing is a phenomenon that needed naming.

Suddenly the Western media campaigns make sense. Goebbels would have applauded the sheer propaganda genius of calling this type of reporting "free press" and then push agendas so blatantly that people get completely brainwashed.

The problem of course is that most Westerners don't have a reference point to make them challenge the skewed realities that they are fed. I know from personal opinion that you are right about some of the places you mentioned. Prepared to take your words on the others. I think you forgot a few, but it's a big world...

Neil Clark said...

Hi del! -Many thanks. That's much appreciated.
anonymous- many thanks too- will be posting the piece soon here!.