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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Why Jeremy Corbyn is the right man for Labour

If in the UK, you can listen to an interview with me on Jeremy's candidacy on BBC Radio Tees here.
Discussion starts c9 minutes- (after the Bee Gees).


Unknown said...

I agree with you in every way. Jeremy Corbyn represent the change the country needs. Corruption has been ruling Britain since 1979. It has been intensifying under the Tories and is now raging wildly. Everything is corrupt. It's as if rats are roaming freely everywhere. Democracy has been abandoned. The people have never been so vulnerable . We are slaves in our own country. Jeremy Corbyn will bring back democracy to the country. His instinct and political thinking is to oppose the EU, especially after the humiliation of Greece. If he wins the smooth calculations of David Cameron will come undone in his relations with other EU leaders. They will be less disposed to offer any concessions or to make reforms if JC wins the Labour leadership contest. Because JC as leader of Labour will be intensely listened to by the millions of people who make up the labour movement. This movement has been shocked and angered by the treatment of Greece. Unlike the waxwork Labour politicians who can only mouth off in the capitalist press which control them and who have no real connections to grass roots labour Jeremy Cobyn is a comprehensive man, an independent politician. He will assess the mood quite accurately of the wider public and reflect that mood. There is much disturbance in labour ranks. In the trade unions at every level and in the membership of the Labour Party and throughout our poverty stricken areas. Add JC EU's equivocation to this mass disturbance caused by government after government ignoring us altogether and the sheer fantasy land of the capitalist media and we have an historical opportunity to start to untangle everything. DC will face coming back to his party with nothing to offer them, a party with strong skeptical ranks aware very much of the changes in Labour's position. All it takes is the sniff of an exit surge to change everything very quickly. UKIP won almost 4 million votes in May on a strong exit platform and took the most seats in last year's EU election. We then begin to see the hope glow which has been buried for so long. See this. If we vote to come out but Scotland votes to stay in they will immediately demand a referendum in Scotland. If we come out of the EU they will come out of the UK. It's certain to happen. In just over ten months time DC could lose the EU vote he wants and be in no position to deny Scotland another referendum which everyone knows they will win. He will step down, resign. We may be facing a much more amenable Conservative Party. Forced by the dramatic changes. With a strong and independent Labour Party at last doing what it supposed to do. Invigorating the people, bringing in a surge of members. A party with 500,000 members, then 1 million. A properly constituted democratic party. Power devolved to the party regions. Decentralised. JC is opening up a dream. Suddenly there is hope in the air, great excitement. Boris Johnson will win the Tory Party leadership. He will have to change his own party. They must stop being dictators. We need nationwide reform. We need to become independent from Europe and America. We need our pride back as a nation. At the moment we are led by idiots.

Neil Clark said...

Hi Paul. Great post. I totally agree. We can see now why neocon/Blairite elite so desperate to stop JC