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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Regime Change in Russia? Think again, neocons

My new column for OpEdge.

As events in Syria have proved, Russia is the biggest block on the endless war lobby’s plans for world domination, which is why the removal of Putin and his replacement with a marionette who will do exactly what the neocons want is their overriding objective.

However, the chances of them achieving their ambitious goal are as slender as was the prospect of Saddam Hussein’s WMDs turning up in Iraq. The new neocon instigated ‘Cold War’ on Russia, which was supposed to weaken the Russian economy and lead to Maidan-style anti-government protests in the country, has actually boosted President Vladimir Putin’s popularity, as new polls show....

You can read the whole piece here.


Unknown said...

Once again another journalistic "tour de force " Putin always comes across as no nonsense "let's get the job done" kind of of man and let's not forget that whilst David Cameron was playing the part of bon vivant with his bullingdon club chums Putin was honing his skills under Markus Wolf in East Germany! And I'm not even getting into Obama and his supposed "activities " so I for one am not the least bit surprised Putin has gained in popularity as I think in general if we see a trier we tend to support him and Putin certainly tries! One thing is for sure is that Alexander Motyl's view of "strongman authoritarianism" about Putin certainly doesn't apply to the other candidates I earlier mentioned!! Great point and reminder by the way regarding Neo-cons only attack weak nations! Another fact heavily overlooked... Please keep up the good work

Neil Clark said...

Hi del- many, many thanks! Will do my best!
All very best,