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Monday, November 21, 2011

The Trial of George W. Bush and Tony Blair for Crimes Against the Peace

Happening now in Malaysia. Let’s hope one day in the US and Britain too.

UPDATE: Bush and Blair have been found guilty.

The charge is proven beyond reasonable doubt. The accused are found guilty. The Tribunal orders that the names of the 2 convicted criminals be included in the war register of the KL War Crimes Commission. And the findings of this Tribunal be publicised to all nations who are signatories of the Rome Statue.


Douglas said...

Aren't Barack Obama, David Cameron and Nick Clegg equally guilty for the war against Libya, which we agree to be unjust?

I grasp that you only consider war to be justified when one's country or territories are under direct attack, as in World War II and the Falklands war.

Neil Clark said...

Hi Douglas,

Good point re Libya.
Whether they are legally guilty depends on the interpretation of the UN resolution 1973 which preceded the NATO military action.
There is certainly nothing in the resolution which authorises 'regime change' , which is illegal in international law.