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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

There is no Iranian nuclear 'crisis'

Here we go again. They’ve just finished bombing Libya, so the serial warmongers now want us to focus again on the ‘threat’ posed by Iran‘s nuclear programme. After the non-existent ‘genocide’ in Kosovo, and the non-existence of Iraq’s WMDs, you wouldn’t think they’d have the nerve, would you?

It seems an appropriate moment to link to this piece of mine from 2006 on, why even if Iran was secretly developing nuclear weapons, it wouldn’t constitute a ’crisis’.

Here’s an extract.

'LEADERS meet to discuss Iran crisis." It all sounds rather familiar. In 1999, "leaders" met to discuss the Kosovo "crisis"; we now know there was no genocide in Kosovo. In 2003, "leaders" met to discuss Iraq's weapons of mass destruction crisis; we now know there were no WMD in Iraq.

Now it's Iran nuclear ambitions that represent the "crisis". If past form is anything to go by, we can be fairly sure that once again this is a crisis of the Western powers' making.

You can read the whole piece here.
Remember, there is no Iranian nuclear ‘crisis’. And repeat that to anyone who tells you that there is.

UPDATE:  More on the 'imminent' Iranian nuclear 'threat' here.  It's been ‘imminent’ for quite some time now….

(Hat tip: Gabriele at the Media Lens Message Board.)


TONY said...

Good post. Seen this?

Douglas said...

What do you believe Iran wants?

Do you consider Ahmadinejad's many public pronouncements about Israel's destruction to merely empty talk for the rubes?

What do you believe will happen if Iran acquires nuclear weapons?

Neil Clark said...

Hi Tony: Thanks.
Hi Douglas: to answer your questions, please take a look at the article I link to:

"Having served us so well in the past, why are we now so keen to believe those who claim that the principle of deterrence no longer applies? Let's just suppose that the scaremongers are right and Iran does secretly intend to develop nuclear weapons.

Are we seriously expected to believe that Iran's Supreme Leader would authorise a pre-emptive nuclear strike on Tel Aviv, knowing that the result would be the certain annihilation of his country?"

jack said...


The "wiped of the map" speech has already been debunked.

@Neil Clark

They are also trying to implicate Syria's involvement with the bombing of Pan Am with "evidence" discovered in Gadaffi’s intelligence archive.

John Edwards said...

There is a very good article on Craig Murray's website on the possible links between Fox/Werrity, the Israel lobby and plotting an attack on Iraq which deserves wider circulation