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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Syria needs mediation, not a push into all-out civil war

Syria is on the verge of civil war and the Arab League foolishly appears to have decided to egg it on. Where common sense dictates that Arab governments should seek to mediate between the regime and its opponents, they have chosen instead to humiliate Syria's rulers…

You can read the whole of Jonathan Steele's excellent piece on the situation in Syria, and why the US and its allies are making the situation worse, here.

Meanwhile, Britain’s Foreign Secretary William Hague is to meet with Syrian rebels in London. What a surprise. More on this here.


David Lindsay said...

The Egyptian Army is trying to put down those demonstrators in Egypt, the people who have broken with the Muslim Brotherhood because it might come to some sort of arrangement with the Copts and others.

Meanwhile, the arrest of Saif al-Islam Gaddafi has them cheering on the streets of Tripoli, the people whose first act was to legalise polygamy because there can be no law contrary to Qur'an, Hadith or Sharia.

And Tunisia, where it all began, has elected Ennahda, which has declared the Sixth Caliphate.

Remind me, which side are we supposed to be on? In Syria, we are on the same side as Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Again.

jack said...

@David Lindsay

Since the 70's we have been on the side of Muslims/jihadist with individuals and banks that have direct connection to western intelligence/government circles.

Interesting info in the 9/11 lawsuit.

If you go further back Britain has been supporting mostly Turkish ethnic separatist groups across the Eurasian sphere to counter Russian influence creating and supporting Pan Turanianism which Britain, the US and there vassal regimes in the Mid East are supporting today to control Eurasian oil and gas as outlined in Brzezinski’s 97 book The Grand Chessboard.

“Remind me, which side are we supposed to be on? In Syria, we are on the same side as Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Again.”

I think the myth of the Al Qaeda legend is starting to wane especially with the Libyan conflict were we work hand and glove with Qatar and Saudi Arabia and Al Qaeda linked jihadists who are being exposed for exactly what they are US/British trained terrorist/mercenaries who fight in US proxy wars around the world.

A year before 9/11 the British press was reporting that jihadists recruited by Al Majaharoun in Britain were being trained in private British security firm camps in the US to fight in Kosovo, Kashmir and Chechnya.