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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Russia and China deserve praise for UN veto

This piece of mine appears in today's First Post. 

Neil Clark: Anyone who wishes for a peaceful world should welcome this double veto against UN sanctions

AMERICA is 'outraged'. Britain and France are pretty miffed too. The vetoing by China and Russia of a European-sponsored UN resolution which threatened sanctions against Syria if President Bashar Assad's violent crackdown on protestors did not stop, has been met with angry denunciations by the self-appointed leaders of the 'international community'…………

The reality is that the Chinese and Russian veto is good news - not just for Syrians - but for the whole world.
You can read the whole piece here.


Vladimir Gagic said...

It's called military Keynesianism: the Western powers go to war every 5 years to stimulate demand and economic growth. Otherwise, we would have a depression.

David Lindsay said...

They saw what happened when they failed to exercise their veto over Libya.

Libya's black Africans would have had as much cause to thank them then as Syria's Christians have now.

As much, in fact, as Israelis have -