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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Film of the Year: Midnight in Paris

Well, there’s still two months ago, but I very much doubt if I’ll see a new film as good - or as downright enjoyable- as Woody Allen’s wonderful ‘Midnight in Paris’ before the end of the year.

The film is funny, charming (about how many of today's films can you say that?) and thought-provoking, a classic piece of movie magic from a master film-maker. If you haven’t seen it yet, I recommend you get down to your local cinema asap as you’re in for a real treat.


Douglas said...

This is a rare movie indeed, beloved by both the American movie critic community and the American moviegoing public.

I don't watch very many movies, and I didn't watch this one when it came to my local cinema. It didn't help that Owen Wilson (the voice of Woody Allen in this movie) referred to people like me (Tea Party Republicans) as "demented lunatics." It didn't help that that line was supposed to be a big laugh line in the movie.

But if you enjoyed it, I'm happy for your enjoyment, in a world in which happiness and enjoyment is in such short supply.

Neil Clark said...

Hi Douglas,

I really recommend that you do go and watch the whole film and not be put off by one line. If Gil Pender and his prospective father-in-law agreed on politics it wouldn't be funny-the humour comes from the prospective father-in-law believing Gil to be a communist 'Say Hi to Trotsky for me', and Gil thinking that his views on the right-wing of the Republican Party don't cause his prospective f-in-law offence, which they do.

all best,

DBC Reed said...

As I remember it Gil calls the Tea Party "brain-dead crypto fascists" in a jovial offhand manner, the joke being that the future in-laws have no sense of humour and take mortal offence at everything Gil says,does or thinks.
I found the introduction of all the artists (except Dali ,or DALI!! as he insists) a bit clunky but ,once over that, the film acquires a real lightness of touch and ends poignantly.