Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ryan Giggs is Sports Personality of the Year- and Joe McElderry wins the X Factor

Both pretty good choices I reckon. How about you?


Robin Carmody said...

The former is playing for an occupying power, the latter is inherently subservient to the same power in everything he does.

I'm surprised at you. People who *really* believe in the things you claim to believe in ignore this sort of dangerous neo-imperial propaganda by proxy.

Neil Clark said...

Hi Robin,

You know my views on how football has developed in the last 20 years-and how money power has destroyed so much of what was good, but that still doesn't mean we can't admire Ryan Giggs as a dedicated one-club pro and an excellent footballer.

I don't watch the X Factor normally but saw the sing-off and thought Joe sang pretty well. He seems to be a nice modest guy too, like Giggs.

Are you saying because of our opposition to the way money power dominates football, we should ignore the Premiership completely?

best w,