Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Murder of Lily Lilley- and Britain's criminal friendly justice system

The Oldham Chronicle reports:

A MURDERESS who killed a frail Failsworth pensioner, bundled her body in a wheelie bin and dumped it in the canal and then became pregnant while a prisoner, is to be given a taxpayer-funded change of identity.

Healey was convicted with fellow schoolgirl Sarah Davey, then 14, of beating and gagging Mrs Lilley before bundling her body into a wheelie bin and dumping it in the Rochdale Canal.

They had gagged her so hard she swallowed her false teeth and the judge, Mr Justice Sachs, described it as “unspeakable cruelty.”

Healey, who is serving her sentence at Askham Grange open prison in York, became pregnant after meeting Doncaster prisoner Michael Dent at a “Service User Forum” and then regularly checked in with him at the Ibis Hotel, York, while on day release.

For that quite horrendous crime, the murderess, Lisa Healey, received just 11 years in prison. The case is enough to make any decent-minded person angry at Britain's criminal justice system- one which puts such a low value on human life and which allows convicted murderers to become pregnant while they are prisoners.

Our good friend The Exile is even more angry. Because Lily Lilley, the murdered pensioner, was his auntie. He's blogged about how he feels here, here and here.

Just ask yourself how you would feel if a murderer of a member of your family was treated so leniently by the authorities. The very essence of justice is that the punishment should fit the crime. 11 years for taking another human being's life? That's taking the mickey. As is expecting the taxpayer to fund a change of the murderer's identity.


Anonymous said...

Just compare it with the 'Foxy Knoxy' case which has just ended in Italy!

If this evil little slut had killed an old lady in Italy, she'd have been slammed inside for at least 25 years, I think. (And she wouldn't be getting preggy either - unless you can get knocked up by a broom handle...)

Anonymous said...

hi you may concider getting the whole story and then you may have grounds to comment!. Michael Dent

Anonymous said...

i was in a childrens home with lisa just before she killed the women and she was a bitch then rot in hell u slag

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Anonymous said...

Even after all this time, whenever I pass the house that one of the girls used to live in at the time, I always think of poor Lily. My friend used to live next door to her and she said she was a quiet lady who probably just wanted a bit of company. I think it is disgusting the sentencing in this country. If this was in USA they would get life.