Friday, December 11, 2009

Beyond Orwellian: Barack Obama, Nobel Peace Prize winner

A Nobel Peace Prize winner using his acceptance speech to justify war?

The same Peace Prize winner citing NATO’s brutal intervention in the Balkans in the 1990s as an example of a 'just war’?

It’s beyond Orwellian. We have a Noble peace prize winner, who is so committed to peace that he won’t even sign a landmine ban.

At least Obama conceded that there were many people more deserving of the prize than himself. Hundreds of millions of people in fact.

The problem with Obama is not that he's a wicked man, but that he's the prisoner of a wicked, corrupt system. As commenter Deloki puts it in the First Post:

Silly naive people to believe that the elected President of the USA has any say over policy. The people who financed and effectively "bought him", are the ones who decide, not the front man reading pre-prepared speeches. The same applies to Tony Blair who in return for doing what he was told, has a wonderful future ahead of him, clear up the little nonsense and misunderstanding about Iraq and then he can move on to greater things. To believe that there is "democracy" in the USA or Europe is really dumb, for it does not matter which party wins an election, the people with the money remain the same and it is they that "call the shots".


Nick said...

Not only that but only a few weeks ago he opposed a UN resolution that would have encouraged Israel to reduce its nuclear stockpile. While at the same time, calling on Iran to reduce theirs.

The Nobel Peace Prize is simply the European intellectual elite's way of giving Obama the green light when his administration decides the time is right to steam into Iran.

David Lindsay said...

Obama's transformation into LBJ continues apace. For Civil Rights, read healthcare. But for Vietnam, read Afghanistan.

Where is the primary challenger to remind him that the people who voted for him were as foreign policy realist as they were economically populist, and morally and socially conservative?

If healthcare ends up either without the Stupak Amendment (not going to happen) or without the public option (only too plausible), then, as surely as in Afghanistan, the nominee may as well have been Clinton.

Which means that the winner may as well have been McCain.

jock mctrousers said...

Beyond boredom too. The most boring speech I've ever heard. He really sounded like he was losing the will to live as he ploughed through that abysmal script - he's Blair and Clinton without the flair for lying. Yes, he 'dances with those who brung him'; he has no power base apart from his backers, nor the experience to have built a network of allies. Why so many apparently bright people should hope for him, or any other president, to 'see the light' (on whatever cause) is beyond me. I don't believe they're all liars. Maybe as Julius Caesar said when asked why the Gauls could have thought they could defeat him, when all things are considered it's down to the seemingly limitless human capacity for wishful thinking. Oy!

Anonymous said...

yes, Obama is referrencing Orwell! And he does it before hundreds of suited elites in at the Nobel! NOW whayt was passing thru their minds as they heard Obamas defence of war!?
Politicians like Obama are insulated from the public by their political parties and by the political system.

What the US needs is a Chavez to consign the one party two right wings to history...until that happens expect more 1984 reruns.


DBC Reed said...

You are missing the best Peace Prize gag.Tom Lehrer gave up recording when Henry Kissinger won the Nobel peace prize,declaring that it made political satire redundant.

neil craig said...

I think this is overly kind to Obama. If he is an inco9mpetent front man it is because blind ambition made him one. If he took an openly genocide supporting Nazi as a convenient running mate it was because convenience is all that mattered. If he has handed over the keys of the treasury to every wallowing pork barrelling parasite it is because he has absolutely no concept of the duty he owes his country.

Rahm Emanuel? said...

Norway, without any significant history or independence of it´s own since the early 1300:s, does whathever it can to brag & pop up in front of bigger brother Sweden, even ridicolous things like promoting war-criminals to a prize that should have remained in Nobels own country.

Im sorry but not surprised to see that the control over american foreign policy still remains within the zionists

David Lindsay said...

DBC Reed, Lehrer himself denies that story. A pity, but there we are.

Melvin of Quotes said...

The fact of the matter is he is thrown into a deep hole by the past presidents. He is neither experienced nor skilled in military.

The Nobel Peace Prize is just a sign that leads him into more trouble. Yet he is not choosing to be given the prize, is he?

He is indeed an American.