Sunday, May 20, 2007

Time for a Constitutional Amendment

If only Jimmy Carter would be allowed to stand for President for a third time! He's head and shoulders above everyone else in American politics.

UPDATE: Great news. Our dear friend Stephen Pollard, in his own inimitable, charming way, points out that there is no need for a constitutional amendment as the rule only forbids presidents serving three terms, not people standing three times. So what is Jimmy Carter waiting for! Come on Jimmy, announce your candidature and rescue your country from the gang of neo-conservative/liberal imperialist warmongers who have been in control of your foreign policy the past decade. Your country needs you!


Anonymous said...

Agreed. Carter was a genuine peacemaker who did not allow the disciples of Henry Jackson to dictate US foreign policy. How we miss him today!

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Carter was the greatest post-war American President. Anyone who thinks otherwise, I have just two words for you: 'CAMP DAVID'.