Friday, May 18, 2007

Routledge hits the bullseye- again

Friday's column by the principled 'Old' Labour journalist Paul Routledge in the Daily Mirror is always a joy to read. Here he is today on the shameful NATO aggression against Yugoslavia in 1999:

Nato bombed Serbia for 11 weeks to smash the nation into submission. Some 2,500 Serbs died and $100billion worth of damage was caused. Blair regards this is as a success story.
But the war was based on a complete con-trick, devised by the terrorist Kosovo Liberation Army and swallowed by the Yanks. Kosovo is now about to have "independence" at the point of Nato guns, enabling the Kosovar Albanians to carry on their vile businesses of drug-running and people-smuggling.
Their latest wheeze is to give the Americans a base for Star Wars missiles, right on Russia's doorstep.

You can read the rest of Routledge's piece, and his views on New Labour's scandalous programme of Post Office closures, here.

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