Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Stephen Pollard: Drug Pusher

Our old friend Stephen Pollard is in raptures over the decision of the NHS to cut back funding on homeopathic treatments.

"If it takes NHS financial crises to stop taxpayers' money being thrown away on treating people with water - which is no more and no less what homeopathy is - then bring 'em on.", Stephen opines on his Spectator blog.

Far better of course for the NHS to throw taxpayer's money on over-priced drugs made by multinational drug companies like Pfizer, which coincidentally funds a think tank called 'The Centre for the New Europe', (CNE) whose director is...... you've guessed it- a Mr Stephen Pollard.


Anonymous said...

But his right about homeopathy, Neil

Anonymous said...

The point is that Pollard has a financial interest in trashing homeopathy and alternative medicine in general.