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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Why are the British so bad at sports?

Here are my thoughts on Britain's spectacular underachievement.


Peter Nolan said...

Probably because they're not communists like East Germany or Romania in the old days, so no hormone treatments or getting 13 year old girls pregant before competitions.

1defender said...

Wow Peter! so does getting pregnant at 13 make you good at sports?

Anonymous said...

The British may not always win but we created almost every major sport.Football,tennis,rugby,golf,formula 1,badminton,table tennis,skating as a sports,boxing,cricket,billiards snooker,skying as a sports,cycling as a sports,darts,rowing as a sports,squash,mounteneering,hockey,curling,the list goes on.The problem is we dont take it as seriously as other nations,as it was mostly done for recreation,and that mentality is hard to get rid of,also we have very few sporting colleges.