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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Airport security- common sense, not pc is needed

According to the website, Muslims in Scotland are threatening to boycott Glasgow airport over 'intrusive' security action taken against them. While I think all decent people will condemn rudeness and belligerent behaviour by security forces if/when they occur- we must get one thing straight.
If there are going to be further terrorist attacks in Britain, the most likely perpetrators will be young Muslims.
It therefore makes sense for police and airport security to check young Muslims more closely than say, members of the Icelandic women's ice hockey team. Especially those young Muslims arriving or going to places like Pakistan where al-Qa'eda cells and training camps are in operation. This isn't being racist or Islamophobic-it's just using common sense in order to protect British citizens of all faiths and creeds.


Nguyen Van Minh said...

Neil, I certainly agree. Regardless of the stupid and expensive actions that have taken place in the course of the War on Terror, there is no doubt that the most cost-effective way to prevent terrorist attacks is to focus on its most obvious constituencies.

I have no problem with being searched rigourously whenever I enter an Australian nightclub (which is what generally happens: I am a rather solid white guy who likes to wear suits), as people who dress rather gangsterish - shock horror! - are more likely to be carrying contraband than 18 year old girls with glow-sticks.

Peter Nolan said...

Neil, why not adapt the Milosevic approach - just herd them into concentraton camps or periodically round up and then massacre males between 15 and 50.

Neil Clark said...

Well, Peter- if you've got any evidence that this is what Milosevic did, I'd be mighty keen to see it. FYI, an exhaustive Dutch govt report found absoultely no evidence of any involvement from Belgrade in the Srebrenica massacre- which I assume is what you are referring to.

Nguyen Van Minh said...

I see Peter attempted to make a witty rebuttal of Neil's very good argument - which is that once a particular "threat" to community safety is identified, it makes sense to devote scarce resources to the primary demographic of said threat.

I can understand that elements of the Clueless Left would rather parade their moral virtue than actually save lives, but I'm afraid it holds little water with the community at large.

Peter Nolan said...

To repeat myself like a broken record - Timothy Garton Ash, Samantha Powers, Michael Ignatieff - their credibility as witnesses to Milosevic's genocide seems to have survived your efforts at rebuttal so far - or is there something lurking in the "draft" column.

Peter Nolan said...

I don't care one way or the other about ethnic profiling of airport passengers. I'm not on the left in any sense of the word.