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Friday, July 21, 2006

Ten eyes for one eye

There are two superb articles on the Israeli aggression aganst Lebanon in today's British papers.
I enclose a link to Mary Ann Seighart's piece in The Times,,6-2279230,00.html
while in The Daily Mail, the historian Corelli Barnett contributes a timely piece on how the state of Israel was itself forged through terrorism, assassination and kidnapping enemy soldiers (the British). As Barnett points out, even after the Irgun terrorist group strung up two British sergeants from a tree in an orange grove and booby-trapped their bodies- it did not occur to the British authorities to impose the kind of savage collective punishment that Olmert's government is now visiting on the Arabs of Gaza and Lebanon.

And Stateside, there's a great piece by Justin Raimondo of
Here's his view of what Israel's strategy is:

Step 1 – Seize a pretext, any pretext, to invade Lebanon.
Step 2 – Simultaneously denounce Syrian influence and a hidden "spy network" supposedly still remaining in Lebanon – this in spite of the recent bust-up of a Mossad cell by Lebanese intelligence, which had been responsible for several assassinations.
Step 3 – Restart the Lebanese civil war – and drag Syria into it.
Step 4 – Engage the enemy on two fronts:
A. Diplomatically, in the United Nations, by imposing sanctions on Iran and demanding inspections of its nuclear facilities. This long drawn-out ritual is meant largely for American and European consumption – to convince world opinion that every possible avenue for a peaceful settlement has been explored, before the second front is opened up.
B. Militarily, in Lebanon, and beyond. Bashar al-Assad is a pincer movement away from being deposed. A right hook from U.S.-occupied Iraq and a left from the Israelis would knock out the last remaining Ba'athists and open up a veritable Pandora's box of ethnic and religious conflicts long masked by the dictatorship of the Assads.
Step 5 – On to Tehran!
The hijacking of American foreign policy by a small but influential cadre of neoconservatives is no secret, nor is it a deep mystery that they have the president's ear. Whether the sound of their whispered advice will drown out the plaintive cries of ordinary Americans, who are hardly in the mood for yet another "cakewalk," is not yet known. In the case of George W. Bush, however, it is always best to count on him living up to one's worst expectations.

Finally, here are the views of the anti-war Republican politician Patrick Buchanan, who quite rightly points out that this is not America's war.


TheRedLeopard said...

Both pieces really are terrific. Thanks for the tip-off.
The handful of journalists who defend what's going on (like your old friend Stephen Pollard) are looking more isolated than ever.

yurukov said...

I have a friend who is Lebanese. From what he told me, Hisbula is not a terrorst organasation. They aim at protecting Lebanon from the israeli all along, because such an invasion was long foreseen.
Second they have no influence in the govenment - only one representative.
The whole idea here is that Israel provokes Siria and Iran, so that when they react, the US can attack them as "agressors" and thus control the whole region. If you check the map these are the only important pieces that are not controled by Uncle Sam.
And what Israel gets aout of this - water. That is the reason they have been fighting the palestinians all along. They have no water whatsoever and need to import, but you know how they are - we have to own it, it is our God given right.
After all these lies and PR campains to justify themselves, the only thing that is left for me is sincere distaste for the US and Israel. And I think we should all put the WW2 behind and start judging them for what they did in the last 60 years. The same goes to the US.
I am sick of it - Europe has become US's nice dog when it comes to peace issues.

Julia said...

I have read a Correli Barrnett's article in Daily Mail and it is absolutely great.I believe that it should be a compulsory reading for everyone who wants to understand current situation in Lebanon(though it is just in a nutshell).Anyway I could not find it online,does anyone knows how to access it since I could not find it on daily Mail website.

Many thanks