Monday, February 20, 2006

Neo-Con Hypocrisy on Muslim 'Threat'

Isn't it revealing that those who championed the separatist cause of the Bosnian Muslims are now among the loudest of those warning us of the threat that radical Islam poses to our society?
The neo-conservatives demonised the Bosnian Serbs for preferring to live in multi-ethnic Yugoslavia- rather than in a breakaway state led by a man who had written 'the first and most important' conlusion to be drawn from the Koran is 'the impossibility of any connection between Islamic and non-Islamic systems'. Now they warns us of the danger of the creeping Islamisation of Britain, revealed in a Sunday Telegraph poll which says that 40% of British Muslims would like to see Sharia Law introduced here.
But what possible objection could Stephen Pollard, Oliver Kamm, David Aaronovitch, Nick Cohen and co have to living in an Islamic-dominated state? If it was good enough for the Bosnian Serbs- why isn't it good enough for them?


Steve said...

Of course you want to live in State that oppresses all religions,knowing you love for the Communist State,(and its militarism).As for Serbia well I don't think it is a simple as you make it out to be. I mean the Chinese beat the crap out of the Tibetans because presumably the Tibetans did not want to live in a Multicultural state with the Chinese.So you approve of Slobo's use of force on the Bosnians , interesting.Talked to any Bosnian refugees lately???

Neil Clark said...

'of course you want to live in a state that oppresses all religions'.
No, I don't Steve.
I don't think Milosevic's Yugoslavia 'oppressed' all religions. Does Belarus or did Hungary of the 1970s and 80s?
The communist attack on organised religion was one of its greatest mistakes as well as being totally wrong. And I certainly do not support what the Chinese have done in Tibet.
And if you've got any evidence of 'Slobo's use of force on the Bosnian's, why don't you send it to The Hague? After four years they've yet to come up with any evidence to back up what you've juts claimed.