Friday, November 04, 2005

Was 'Matey' the Greatest?

Bob Taylor from London has written in regarding the death of Best Mate. Bob's view, which he uses Timeform ratings to support, is that 'Matey', though a 'wonderful and much loved star', nevertheless lags behind four other Gold Cup winners, and does not deserve to be labelled 'arguably the best chaser in Britain since the legendary Arkle'. What do you think? Is Best Mate the greatest chaser we have seen since the 1960s? Or have we allowed the tragic and untimely circumstances of his death to cloud our judgement?
I would certainly rate the very versatile Desert Orchid above Best Mate- but I'm not sure about Master Oats....

email from Bob Taylor, London:
As regards yesterday's column, regarding the tragic and untimely death of Best Mate. National Hunt Racing in Britain and Ireland has indeed lost a wonderful and much loved star. However, I fear the emotions of the moment may have, understandably, clouded your judgement ("arguably the best chaser in Britain and Ireland since the>legendary Arkle").If I can quote Timeform Ratings, as my source, their ratings of Gold Cup winners, is as follows:
Arkle(3) 212
Desert Orchid 187
Borough Hill Lad 184
Master Oats 183
Best Mate(3) 182
Captain Christy 182
Kicking King 182

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Anonymous said...

Timeform ratings for Arkle were done by men caught up in the moment.Do you really believe arkle could give desert orchid 20LB or matey.its not rocket science horses get faster as time moves on arkle would not be in contention with the above never mind Kauto star,fact kauto star would beat arkle by more than ten lengths at level weights.timeform NEEDS to go over their costly err and re do arkles ratings and put him in the mid 180's where he belongs.arkles times tell you he would not compete with todays super horses,and Arkle will always walk in the giant shadow cast by golden miller.