Friday, November 18, 2005

Seeing the Light

The Guardian has an obituary today of the U.S. union organiser C.P.Ellis- a former Klu Klax Klansman who saw the errors of his ways and became friends with the African-American activist who once tried to stab him.
Ellis' heart-warming story shows that leopards can change their spots. Wouldn't it be nice if others followed suit? If Tony Blair woke up tomorrow, announced his resignation and said that he was giving himself up voluntarily to the International Criminal Court to stand trial for the illegal invasion of Iraq and other breaches of international law. If Christopher Hitchens in his next Vanity Fair column admitted that everything he has written in the last fifteen years on international affairs has been wrong. And if Stephen Pollard, David Aaronovitch, Nick Cohen, Michael Gove and other journalistic inhabitants of Planet Neo-Con were to concede that the invasion of Iraq has been illegal, immoral and disastrous- and join the rest of us in opposing any future military aggression by Britain and the U.S.
We can but hope!

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Fancyclown said...

The mind boggles. How's your mate Slobo?