Monday, November 07, 2005

David Trimble and the Bomber of Baghdad

What happens to clapped-out Ulster Unionist politicans when they get kicked out by the voters? Why, they line up with Richard Perle to address the Henry Jackson Society on 'democratic reform' in the Middle East and 'other issues relating to international affairs'. David Trimble, as we know is a man who believes passionately in 'decommissioning' the weapons of those who 'use violence and the threat of violence in pursuance of political objectives'. So what on earth is he doing linking up with Perle, a man who wanted to launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike on the Soviet Union in the 1980s and who is widely acknowledged to have been the architect of a war which has to date claimed the lives of over 100,000 people? In the scale of the death, destruction and human misery he has caused, 'The Prince of Darkness' makes Irish republican bombers look like also-rans.

From Henry Jackson Society website:
Richard Perle, David Trimble and Manny Weiss Brief the Henry Jackson Society

Richard Perle and David Trimble visited the Society on 03rd November 2005 to brief the Organising Committee on democratic reform within the Middle East, and a range of other issues relating to international affairs. They were accompanied by one of the late Henry ‘Scoop’ Jackson’s greatest supporters, Manny Weiss.

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Anonymous said...

Trimble is a complete hypocrite.
I wonder if he made a big fuss about decommissioning Richard Perle.