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Tuesday, March 08, 2016

I'm Confused, can anyone help me? Part 6

Guess what, dear reader.  I'm confused, can anyone help me? Part 6. From OpEdge.

There are some strange happenings in the world of late and I'm confused. Very confused. Can anyone help me?
The first thing I’m confused about is the claim made this week by Supreme Allied NATO Commander General Strangelove, sorry, Breedlove, that Putin (along with Assad) are deliberately 'weaponizing’ the migration/refugee crisis to ‘overwhelm European structures and break European resolve'.
According to Breedlove, Russia and the Syrian government are deliberately bombing people in Syria to get them to leave the country and cause major problems for Europe. How absolutely deplorable! What utter swines they must be! 
But hang on a minute.
I could have sworn that there was quite a significant refugee crisis before Russian intervention in Syria began last autumn and before the Syrian government launched new offensives.

You can read the whole piece here.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant piece as usual..

Unknown said...

A great summary of recent events that never fails to raise a smile with the dry delivery of "confused" points! For some reason it reminds me of the Chic Murray gag about a man lying on the floor when a by passed asks "have you fell over?" to which the man replies "no I was trying to break a bar of chocolate in my back pocket" but I digress!!! The only red army I vividly remember was the grappling marauders of man utd's far flung legions!!! Also I'm racking my brains on the European children's programmes and although I can remember them the best I came up with was Hiedi and the flashing blade!!! I hope my light hearted reply doesn't get in the way of another great piece!

Neil Clark said...

Many thanks! Del- I love that Chic Murray gag!
European children's programmes from communist countries on UK tv in 60s and 70s included White Horses (from Yugoslavia) The Secret of Steel City (Cz), and of course the classic The Singing Ringing Tree from the GDR. Do you remember any of those?