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Monday, March 21, 2016

Google this! Hillary Clinton and the Syrian regime-change conspiracy

My new piece for on the HRC emails.

If you’d have said a year ago that the US State Department, Google, and Al Jazeera had been collaborating in pursuance of regime change in Syria, chances are you’d have been casually dismissed as a ‘crank’ and a ‘conspiracy theorist’.
Syria was a people’s uprising against a wicked genocidal Russian-backed dictator and the West had nothing to do with the bloodshed which engulfed the country. If you thought otherwise then you were considered an 'Assad apologist'.
However, thanks to Wikileaks, the Freedom of Information Act, and Hillary Rodham Clinton’s use of a private, non-secure email server, we can see what was really going on behind the curtain.

You can read the whole article here.


Unknown said...

An explosive account of events that's ignored by the mass media whom label themselves journalists and reporters of events! No surprise to me Clinton is up to her neck in this at all and it's about time she along with slick willy were brought to book for criminal activities before they took office certainly during and judging by the murky waters called the "Clinton Foundation" most definitely after!! The involvement of Al jazeera should not be a surprise given it was set up by 3 people which two were Israeli and let's not forget the (if memory serves correct) the uprising in I think Tripoli which was actually a movie set in Doha!!! The involvement of Google is certainly more sinister because of its far reaching ability into peoples lives so we should remain vigilant! All I can say once again another top quality article Neil which deserves great credit as well as a reminder for us to dig deeper in this very very serious matter in these dangerous times

Neil Clark said...

Many thanks Del, much appreciated. I hope you had a good Easter.