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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

British politics like a Francis Durbridge thriller - nothing is what it seems

My new piece for

It’s just over forty years since British television first screened Francis Durbridge’s classic thriller The Doll, in which - much like Britain's present political system - few people and things are what they at first appear.
RT‘s motto is ‘Question More,’ while Francis Durbridge encourages us to question everything and everybody. Without giving away too much of the plots (and you’re in for a real treat if you’ve never see a Durbridge thriller before), the character you thought was the hero’s friend, often turns out to have been plotting against him and is part of some criminal conspiracy. The people you thought were the ‘bad guys’ were actually on the side of justice. The man who’s behaving very suspiciously turns out to have been a detective. But can we even trust the detective?

You can read the whole piece here.


Unknown said...

Once again a very good piece! I'm not at all au fait with Francis Durbridge but I wholeheartedly echo his sentiment of question everything and everyone especially in today's climate of fear and austerity,and like a Durbridge thriller who indeed knows how the final scenes will play out but I suspect the steelworkers of Port Talbot, Redcar, Corby and Hartlepool are a little nearer to knowing....surely today's climate must be manna from heaven for a budding Alan Breadsall where pound shops,betting shops and Brighthouse is king! It surely has never been as cynical as it now? And now the rumblings of a global financial crash but I suspect the more discerning of us expected it...keep this up Neil Clark this is important commentary you generously share amongst us

Unknown said...

Apologies I meant Alan Bleasdale!!!! But who knows it may well take an Alan Breadsall to knock some sense into the world

Neil Clark said...

Hi del- yes, the time is ripe for a new Boys from the Blackstuff type drama. In many ways things are worse now than even in early 80s. u/employment might be officially lower, but much underemployment and so many of the new jobs are low-paid, part-time ones.
Many thanks for your encouragement and kind words- very much appreciated as always.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy thoroughly your articles. As a Jugoslav whose youth was squandered in imperialist/capitalist war, which resulted in utter destruction of my country and millions of people internally displaced, I find your observations correct to the "t". And I am critical to everything that comes from the "democratic west". Especially when the articles are of left, or simply anti-capitalist flavour in any shape or form.

See, the problem with the "western" left is that, as you pointed out many a time, it became a subservient wannabe conservative current. They want to suck up to the voters as much as necessary to achieve only one real goal: win a seat in the parliament, possibly in the government, and get those high salaries and perks.

If that means changing the colours and ideology, these false lefties are only too happy to do it.

I am today more than happy to state that i consider these morons, like that animal blair, conservative spies and infiltrators into the left, whose only aim is to destroy the left and leave monopolar political landscape behind. And we know what happens when that happens.

Who knows; you may turn out to be one of them one day. I may turn out to be wrong about you. But for as long as you keep unraveling this neo-con, terrorist mix of capitalists and politicians united around the NWO, I shall enjoy reading every single word you write.

And hope you continue for a very long time.

Anonymous said...

To add to my above comment, your latest article "Fake news & post-truths" is another excellent, surgically precise, analysis of all the lies the world has had to endure from these neocon criminals.

As a Tito's socialist I watch the quasi-left in Europe turning into a far-right war-monegring infiltrators whose only aim is to enslave the people and silence dissent to the point where the masses become just a herd of sheep - just as that imaginary character "Christ" called them in the bible.

And we know what the owners do with their sheep.

SO much about "democracy" and the "freedom of speech" and other wonderful but in the end hollow and empty slogans, which were long ago dispelled and refused by democratic socialism we have had in Jugoslavia.

The main reason why it had to go. It was huge inconvenience in arses of these fat "lefties" and their comrades in neocon circles.