Friday, April 04, 2014

Russophobia- the obsession of the UK's elite, (but not of the people)

My new piece for OpEdge.

The gap between the views of the elites and the people in the UK is wider than at any time in the last 100 years.
I mentioned it in an RT OpEdge in September, and now the democratic deficit has once again been highlighted by the relentless attacks on Russia and President Putin from members of our political and media elite. We've seen article after article and heard speech after speech attacking Russia and its president for what has happened in Crimea, and regular attempts to scare the public about the Russian'threat'.

You can read the whole piece here.


brian said...

Truth about situation in Ukraine
6 minutes ago · Edited

Employees of the auto market, who after the coup are imposed exorbitant fees, blocked the Perov boulevard.

Participants of the rally put barricades of tires and went on strike. According to them, everywhere in the Ukrainian capital prices for leasing raised several times.

It is known that they have already been threatened by the security forces and militants of the "Right Sector." However, according to the entrepreneurs themselves, they are ready for anything and have arranged their own self-defense unit.

the video on youtube:

brian said...

political prisoners are mounting in the US EU backed neonazi ukraine
Crimea&East ‏@IndependentKrym 2h
#Ukraine #Donetsk yet another antimaidan proreferendum leader arrested. Robert Doney political arrest n.(lost count).

brian said...

Ukrainian Defense News Network
about an hour ago · Edited
According to the reports, since yesterday (April 5) the delegation of the "Yuzhmash" company (the leading state-owned Ukrainian manufacturer of space rockets and satellites located in Dnepropetrovsk and technologically interlaced with a number of Russian military plants - is holding secret talks "with interested parties" in Turkey proposing full technical documentation for SS-18 "Satan Mod.2" ( - the heavy Russian intercontinental nuclear ballistic missile complex.
In case the "deal' is concluded, the buyer would obtain a cut edge techology able to penetrate the US and Russian nuclear shields. The counterparts at talks are believed to be Turkish, Saudi and Qatar intelligence officials.

brian said...

Bulgarian nationalist party threatens to topple gov't over Russia sanctions #Russianspring

Marcus Papadopoulos @DrMarcusP 8m
An example of what I mean about Western ignorance of Ukraine: Look where the BBC have placed ‪#‎Donetsk‬ and ‪#‎Lugansk‬:

Vladimir Ilin shared a link.
18 hours ago · Edited
Viral video of young Crimeans supporting cities of Ukraine Southeastern uprising :
"Donetsk, we are proud of you" , "Dnepropetrovsk we are with you", "Zaporojie, everything is in your hands", "Harkov, we love you", "Your destiny is in your hands"

Legislature of just proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic asks Putin move in peacekeepers

brian said...

Retweeted Alexander Nekrassov (@StirringTrouble):

British hacks tell me privately that the editorial policy in mainstream #media outlets demands anti-Russian coverage of events in Crimea.

brian said...

the view from Washington: wherev Matt and Joshua (Faust?) reside : barf bags to your right!

Matthew Kupfer ‏@Matthew_Kupfer 32m
Every time I see Ron Paul being interviewed on #Russia Today, I just want to barf. #SorryNotSorry

joshuafoust ‏@joshuafoust 32m
@Matthew_Kupfer Or in general, but yes especially so on RT.

Matthew Kupfer ‏@Matthew_Kupfer 30m
@joshuafoust I'm completely fine w/ outlandish opinions, but it's sad how easily a foreign propaganda channel can co-opt "opposition" views.

Mark Sleboda ‏@MarkSleboda1 24m
@Matthew_Kupfer @joshuafoust Just like BBC Russia, VOA +RFE/RL! Funny how that works, isn't it, giving minority fringes voice and platform

joshuafoust ‏@joshuafoust 24m
@MarkSleboda1 @Matthew_Kupfer No, they are most certainly not the same at all. Please bother someone else, I'm not in the mood today.