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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Cross Talk: Broken Ukraine

Above you can watch me taking part in the latest edition of Cross Talk on RT. Topic: Broken Ukraine.
While here is an interview with me on the latest developments in Ukraine on Voice of Russia radio.


CirqueMinime/Paris said...

Good job, Neil. Though, I wonder about your strictly blaming 'neo-cons'. After all, the Clinton strain of 'humanitarian neo-colonialsim' has contributed its unfair share in the immiseration of the planet.

It has for some time seemed to me that the real battle is between two geostrategic models, two types or practices of 'imperialism', if you will.

In the attached message, President Putin describes how the EU, the West, really, extracts and exploits the resources of the Ukraine and then returns finished products (one might say 'dumps' them) into the Ukrainian market to be consumed. This is the classical imperialist model.

But the USSR and Russia have always practiced 'imperialism in reversse--and much to their chagrin--by exporting their primary resources, mainly, but not exclusively, energy resources, to their 'colonies' or 'satellites', developing the productive capacity of their 'privileged' trading partners, and then serving, themselves, as the end market for the finished products.

The word on the quad is that subsidizing Poland did more to break the USSR than did Afghanistan or any other of the Soviets' military interventions.

It really seems a classic conflict between the interests of Private Capital and those of the Public Weal. But, thanks again for continuing to fight the good fight. Mick

Neil Clark said...

Hi Mick, Great to hear from you. Thanks for those very good points. The neocons of course couldn't have caused all this havoc without their 'liberal interventionist' accomplices. Neocon fingerprints very clearly on this latest 'regime change'. Now, of course fire sale of state assets in store in Kiev, vulture capitalists waiting to swoop once again...Now, where have we seen this movie before....?

brian said...

Alec Luhn ‏@ASLuhn 4h
The police and Berkut also told me they're ready to fight anyone who attacks #Donetsk protestors, but won't fire first

Alec Luhn ‏@ASLuhn 5h
Police at #Donetsk headquarters tell me it's official: police (& Berkut) are "100% with the people"

Alec Luhn ‏@ASLuhn 7h
If Donetsk occupation canceled their anti-alcohol policy they'd recruit thousands more people. They'd be gopniks but still

Alec Luhn ‏@ASLuhn 7h
Donetsk governor agrees to rename a square in honor of "fallen Berkut heroes." Same Berkut that Kiev disbanded after clashes with protestors

brian said...

Truth about situation in Ukraine shared a link.
2 hours ago
Donetsk's Berkut officers address the people

"We don't want any disinformation therefore we want to say that we have always, are and always will be with our people. And if any danger arises, all of Berkut will rise up and will protect you"

The reaction of the people is amazing
are russians really as bad as the west likes to make out?
The Western Media paints Russians as villains, evil and robots. Believe it or not there are many out there who still have an image of Russians as Rocky's "Ivan Drago" which is the precise reason many are still anti-Russia and believe the propaganda against Russia and Russians wherever they are

This Russian dashcam compilation paints a different picture and the video is all about doing good deeds

brian said...

Military column from 50 vehicles was blocked near the city Mariupol, Donetsk republic.

14.04.2014 00.04 a m by local time

The inhabitants of the village Volodarskoe, that near city Mariupol, Donetsk republic, blocking the way for military equipment. Near the dam were noticed about 50 vehicles including tanks, armored personnel carriers , rocket launchers ( GRAD ) and military vehicles .

Residents of the village Volodarskoe and the nearby villages blocked the way for military equipment by their cars , now to area continue to arrive more cars of villagers in order to prevent military to travel farther .

The movement for several roads of the village was paralyzed, not the military, nor the local cars can't to drive.

By the way, a little earlier column of military equipment were noticed near the village no Novokrasnovka of Volodarskogo district.

Video about same column made at evening of 13th April, 60 km away from city Mariupol.

brian said...

excellent article on ukraine

“People abandoned their homes and their villages, because there are no jobs. After the Soviet Union collapsed, the entire Ukraine has been falling apart… People are leaving and they are dying. Young people try to go abroad…. The government is not even supplying us with gas and drinking water, anymore. We have to use the local well, but the water is contaminated by fertilizers – it is not clean…”

“Was it better before?” I ask.

“How can you even ask? During the Soviet Union everything was better, much better! We all had jobs and there were decent salaries, pensions… We had all that we needed,” she answers.

Looking around me, I quickly recall that Ukraine is an absolute demographic disaster: even according to official statistics and censuses, the number of people living in this country fell from 48,457,102 in 2001 to 44,573,205 in 2013. Years after its “independence,” and especially those between 1999 and 2001, are often described as one of the worst demographic crises in modern world history. In 1991 the population of Ukraine was over 51.6 million!

Only those countries that are devastated by brutal civil wars are experiencing similar population decline.
The next day, in Kharkov, Sergei Kirichuk, leader of the left-wing Borotba (Struggle) movement, told me:

“People all over the world are fighting against the so-called “free market,” but in Ukraine, to bring it here, was the main reason for the ‘revolution.’ It is really hard to believe.”

brian said...

whatever is the US doing on that floor????????
Ukraine junta may spark civil war: Analyst
An accusation was made today by a member of parliament, formerly of the Party of Regions, that an entire floor of the state security building of the government in Kiev is occupied by US intelligence officers and that it’s off limits even to Ukrainian personnel. This is the degree to which the West, the US in the first place, has engineered the bloody coup d’etat in Kiev and is now engineering what Yanukovych himself said, a civil war in his country, and this again is the use of all-out military force, not security personnel, not even riot police but military personnel against peaceful protesters in eastern Ukraine.

brian said...

Retweeted Russian Market (@russian_market):

Russia stops returning weapons to Ukrainian army from Crimea due to the risk they could use it against pro-Russian activists in E.Ukraine
wise move...Russia has been too nice and forbearing unlike the corrupt and odious US EU criminals and their creatures in Kiev

brian said...

'Local activists , on the road, 60 km from Mariupol videotaped column of army equipment from 50 units. Among them were 9 cars with Grad rocket launchers . Grad rocket launcher in one salvo can destroy everything in the area of 40 hectares.
Using army against civilians is a war crime.
Puppets of the fascist junta went for it by order of their masters from the U.S..
I want to remind you that the occupation regime in Libya since the end of October 2011 shelling and bombing the Libyan people using the same Grad rocket launchers and aircraft. Against the civilian population they even used chemical weapons : mustard gas and sarin . Western media and international organizations pretend that these crimes are not happening, they are silent on this subject , as well as about mass tortures and executions of dissatisfied by occupation regime in Libya.'

In the picture below were marked 2 "Grads"

N. said...

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