Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Neil Clark: “The USA and al-Qaida are often on the same side”

Above you can watch an interview with me on Russia Today on why the news that the terrorist group al-Qaida is supporting the Syrian uprising is unlikely to lead to a change of mind by the US and its allies.
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jack said...

“The USA and al-Qaida are often on the same side”

They are also on the side of Iran as well in Afghanistan(79), Bosnia, Kosovo, Central Asia and even Chechnya for a period of time.

brian said...

of course they are on the same side..they were back in the 1980s as the Mujahadeen were praised by Reagan and rambo! Then they became enemies, or so the media has us believe, were allies again in the balkans and suddenly becames enemies with 9-11..the cycle has now swung back to their allying with Great Satan...while the media continue to conceal this and many of the public remain ignorant

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