Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The medical profession v Dave and his neoliberal extremists

'This is chaos developing around the country. It's a great concern because the primary plank of the reforms is to increase competition and improve the opportunities for large multinational companies to take a stake in running and providing services within the NHS. That's not good for patients.'

Dr Richard Vautrey, deputy chairman of the British Medical Association's GPs Committee, as quoted in the Daily Mail.

So there we have it. The NHS is to be destroyed and big business is to take over.
That’s the aim of our ’moderate’ Coalition government.

It’s good to see that more and more people are waking up to the fact that David Cameron, far from being a Macmillanite ‘One Nation’ Tory, is in fact a dangerous neoliberal extremist.

Some of us said as much as soon as he was elected as Tory leader.


DBC Reed said...

Does anybody know what year Macmillan called for the abolition of the Stock Exchange? Some time in the late 30's I think .Or what year ,when he was in government, he threatened to nationalise the banks for daring to raise interest rates? To call him a One Nation Tory rather underestimates his oddness.

Anonymous said...

Vulture capitalists are really trying to benefit from the recession. Perhaps this is why governments have done so little to try to fix things this time around.
The longer the recession lasts, governments will say they have no choice but to cut programs or privatize services in order to prevent hyperinflation or some other made up terror. It is all a sham of course, the best democracy money can buy!

Anonymous said...

1.wasn't there some kind of computer projection /experiment in the early 90's what would happen to the NHS if market forces were allowed unfettered access to NHS code name Rubber Windmill. Result NHS crashed within a week.

2.Conclusion we're governed by thick and the stupid, or self serving politicians uber mega salaries await in the private sector. Anna

Neil Clark said...

DBC Reed: 'Supermac' was certainly far to the left of any leading politician of today.
John- totally agreed.
Anna- I think it's the latter. They know that chaos will ensure- then private companies will be able to swoop. Vulture capitalism, as John says.

Michael Greenwell said...

Why not take a tour of Lansley's private healthcare supporters