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Monday, November 22, 2010

Why Lord Young had to go

This piece of mine appears in today's First Post.

Neil Clark: Cameron’s enterprise tsar exposed the inconvenient truth - that a huge divide has opened up in Britain

Lord Young of Graffham had no choice but to stand down as David Cameron's 'enterprise tsar' having seriously embarrassed the Tory party by claiming that most people in Britain had "never had it so good" since the "so-called recession" began.

But while I'm no great fan of Young's politics, I must admit to feeling a little sorry for the bow-tied, multi-millionaire Thatcherite politician. After all, from his perspective, he was telling the truth.

The reality is that there is a chunk of British society that has never had it so good.

You can read the whole of the article here.


Kevin said...

Neil, the second link is not working.

Neil Clark said...

thanks Kevin.

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David Lindsay said...

Meanwhile, the Young-Tebbit feud seems to be alive and well. Yet another reason to wonder why so Eurosceptical, Unionist and socially conservative a figure as Tebbit ever did have any time for Margaret Thatcher, and even more so why he continues to defend her even today.