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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Stop the War in Afghanistan- and the next one against Iran

It’s the big Stop the War anti-war march in London today, starting at 12 noon at Speakers Corner. Speakers include Seumas Milne and Tony Benn. Full details here.

We don’t just need to stop the war in Afghanistan, but to stop any aggression against Iran too.

Therefore it was very pleasing to see Stop the War adopt the Campaign against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran’s resolution at their recent conference.

The Stop the War Coalition will demand from the Cameron and Clegg government:

(i) to publicly oppose any military intervention and any new sanctions against Iran.

(ii) to revoke the EU and UN Security Council sanctions against Iran, including those against Iran’s civilian aviation industry which have already resulted in dozens of domestic air plane crashes killing thousands of passengers.

(iii) to enter into unconditional negotiations with Iran to resolve the stand-off in a peaceful way by respecting the Islamic Republic of Iran’s sovereignty and its civilian nuclear programme.

If you want to lend your support to the CASMII, here’s a link to their website.
And if you're a fellow anti-war blogger, do consider putting up a link up to CASMII on your blog roll.

There’s some very evil people out there who would like to destroy Iran in the same way Iraq was destroyed.

We can’t just sit back and allow it to happen.

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perzish said...

thanx god there are people like you out there, thank you!